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How does your space, exactly as it is now, make you feel?

Are there places that are grating on your nerves? An outdated and wrong-sized sofa, a table corner that bumps your hip, maybe a mudroom you know your kids’ gear will overwhelm by next summer?

Home Interior Designer Studio Strongwater

Our home design process approaches your space through the eyes of an idealist. I want you to reimagine how you use your home. To remember the little inconveniences you’ve trained yourself to ignore. And to dream big when it comes to thinking about how good design—and not just beautiful after pictures, really good, well-crafted interior design—can profoundly change your life.

How We Get There

Boulder Interior Designer Studio Strongwater

Questions are key.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? What entryway becomes an obstacle course after everyone comes home and casts off their gear? Where do you like to unwind with a glass of tea (or bourbon) after a ridiculously long day? Your answers will inform everything we create. And yes, we’ll talk about your aesthetic preferences too, but always in the context of how it will translate into a home that makes you happy.

Boulder CO Interior Design

Your space will surprise you.

As we develop our design concept, we’ll look at every square foot from a fresh perspective. Our design process is centered around ensuring that all options have been identified and fully investigated. I want you to explore your home and see it come to life in ways you never thought possible. And, sure, this can mean knocking down a wall to create an open concept—but we’re also talking about the small things, like that tiny tray where you set your keys or the side table where you rest your wine glass.

Interior Design Services Studio Strongwater

And, yes, we can take care of everything.

Renovations and home redesigns can be complicated. We’ll make it simple. Enough said.

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