Kitchen Design Trends + Inspiration 2022

Kitchen Design Trends + Inspiration 2022

At the start of every year, I love to tune into the design industry talk of emerging trends, and inspiring ideas in interiors.

There are always some diamonds to hold onto, a few surprises, and some ideas that seem destined to burn out before they even reach the middle states of our country.

I like to capture the innovations and feelings that represent our culture’s collective zeitgeist and apply them to how we actually occupy the spaces of our homes. Nowhere is it more resonant than in the kitchen, where building off of ephemeral design trends is rarely a sound investment.

Here are some exciting style, technological, and sociological trends reverberating through my favorite room in the house.

Kitchen Design Trend #1: Hi-Tech Flexible Spaces

High functioning storage options and pared-down/light-filled design, along with multi-purpose layouts and integrated high-tech appliances. Kitchen islands and pantries have started to serve multi-purposes.

The bar area does double duty as game and kids’ crafts storage.

Boulder Co Kitchen Design Studio Strongwater

Powerful yet quiet hoods offer cleaner air and a sculptural element to the kitchen.

The hallway becomes an extension of the kitchen, hiding everyday gear (the drop zone) and a speak-easy bar for entertaining.

Kitchen Design Trend #2:
Nature’s Influence + Wellness / Nourishing Neutrals

Our kitchens can support our overall well-being through the materials selected—like natural wood, stone, and sea glass.

In our overstimulated lifestyle, we are in need of calming spaces. Earthy colors and neutral tones can create a feeling of stability, an invitation of retreat and nourishment.

Outdoor living areas and natural light via high-performance windows keep us connected to nature.

Kitchen Island Design Boulder Co

Kitchen Design Trend #3:
Optimism for the Future / Optimism Through Color

Color has an enormous influence on people’s reactions to spaces and designers are working to create schemes that promote optimism.

Throughout history, times of hardship and global unrest have been followed by a strong desire to embrace life, live in color, and chase joy in whatever way you can.

More kitchens are showing their true colors: Green is nature’s neutral and was selected as the Color of the Year by five of the world’s leading paint companies.

Studio Strongwater Kitchen Design Boulder Co Colorful Kitchen

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  • Nicole Heymer
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